Our passion is building economically and ecologically sustainable business

“As a child at home in Styria, I was mesmerized by the seemingly endless circling of the buzzard. Its majestic climb, higher and higher, only carried by the wind. I wanted to fly with it, to take in the view from above and appreciate the vast possibilities only a bird’s-eye view can offer.”

Günter Maier

Our passion is building economically and ecologically sustainable business.

Buzzard Energy is an Austrian independent investment firm focused on the European energy and cleantech sector. Buzzard Energy is a deal-by-deal investor who invests and co-invests with partners.

Our investments benefit from our executive experience and our network in the global energy sector. Buzzard Energy team members have operational and line management experience, allowing us to provide profound operational and interim management support if needed and work with management teams constructively as active board members.


Buzzard Energy has a deep insight in both the renewable and traditional energy markets. 
Our areas of focus are: 

  • Energy
  • Clean Tech
  • Digitalization

Our ideal investment targets combine all three areas to one business model.