Companies and Ventures

AMIC Energy

Energy Mobility

AMIC Energy ( is an Austrian independent investment firm focused on the European energy sector and owns a growing network of 20 electric vehicle charging and 470 mobility and retail service stations in Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. Following the trend of oil majors exiting their forecourt estates and the ongoing decarbonization of the fuel mix in general, AMIC Energy continues its efforts on becoming the most dynamic and profitable independent mobility service provider and retail stations operator in Central and Eastern Europe.


Internet Service Provider SaaS

Internet customers often experience problems with their internet connection. They dial into their provider's hotline, only to find long waiting times and often inadequate help. Both sides experience current processes as frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive. Conntac ( offers a self-servicing software and platform, enabling its customers to fix their internet issues independently of service hotlines.


Mobility Consulting Platform

E-cars are one of the biggest boom markets of the next few years. However, the purchase decision for electric cars is significantly more complex, as many more decision-making criteria play a role. e-mobilio ( has developed a digital 360-degree consulting solution that allows prospective e-car customers to configure and directly order their personal e-mobility package - consisting of e-car, charging solution, installation, subsidies, power switch, etc. - quickly and easily.

neoom group

Energy Mobility Sustainability IoT

neoom group creates ecologically and economically efficient infrastructure and building systems with perfectly coordinated products in order to fully exploit the potential of renewable energies ( With neoom® we take care of the intelligent charging systems, battery storage, and network operating systems for electric mobility for the infrastructure, energy and building market. NTUITY® a platform and software as a service allows electricity producers, storages and consumers to communicate intuitively, interact and complement each other profitably to ensure the highest possible efficiency and availability. Phantor® the mobile water giant will bring water to regions where no life will be possible.


Network Startups Investors

primeCROWD is Austria's largest startup investor network that specifically connects investors with innovative seed stage startups from the DACH region and accompanies them throughout the entire investment process ( primeCROWD was founded in December 2015. Meanwhile, our investor network reaches over 800 investors, 7 mn EUR deal volume and an 80% financing quota. We focus on a startup portfolio of FinTech, CleanTech, HealthTech, IT & Software, Big Data & Social Impact.

Software Artificial Intelligence SaaS provides companies with a software to build, design and maintain AI-based voice agents that customers love to talk to. Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, has achieved industry-leading Natural Language Understanding, giving bots a natural voice and interaction flow that customers love to connect with. In the future, large companies will no longer need to rely on employees, or call centres, as’s voice agents will take over phone support, allowing for cost-saving and increased efficiency.


High-Tec Hardware

VitreaLab ( creates laser-powered photonic integrated circuits to revolutionize the display market and enable holographic displays. This will result in a novel LCD backlight with up to 5x higher energy efficiency (80% reduction), strongly increased contrast, and reduced device thickness. The primary use case will be premium smartphones as they strongly benefit from increased energy efficiency, higher brightness and increased color gamut. Sunlight readability will be significantly improved by the brightness increase of 60%-250% at same power consumption.

Alteso Exit

Solar analytics technology platform

Participants of Alteso Exit

In September 2021, we enthusiastically cheered as global leader GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company, acquired our solar analytics technology platform PEAK from Alteso (a Buzzard Energy portfolio company).


We engage ourselves in businesses where our expertise, industry experience and network can bring a value add.